• Sandbox:
    • VM Cloud
    • Lab Environment
    • 3D Simulated Environment

  • Exercises:
    • Capture the Flag
    • Red on Red
    • Red on Blue
    • Custom Training (Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, etc.)

  • Cyber Range (4 hour up to 2 day Training Seminars):
    • Hacking Essentials
    • Defensive Essentials
    • Incident Response
    • Customized Training on Demand

The Missouri Cyber Range aims to strengthen Missouri’s cyber defenses by mitigating the growing number of cyber threats and providing a more secure environment that promotes economic development. This can be accomplished by nurturing a cybersecurity  industry that leverages Missouri’s unique advantages, which include educational institutions, the IT workforce, non-profits with local and state cooperation with the security industry.   


TEACH: Provide access to  lab-based experiential learning and certification for all compliance requirements and frameworks, including the NIST 800 Standards, NICE  Framework, NSA, DoD 8570, HiTrust, FFIEC, PCI, CJIS and CSA. 

TEST: Engage, support and attract  surrounding industries and entrepreneurs to provide cost effective and scalable access to software, systems and penetration testing.

TRAIN: Host live security attack and defense exercises to benchmark skills across the spectrum, from K-20 to public, private, defense and military sectors. Custom training  programs can be tailored to each customer’s needs.