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MCCoE and DISA join together to lead efforts for Missouri Cybersecurity education, career and curriculum development.


Mission Statement

The Missouri Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (MCCoE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit security operations center that serves students, businesses, government agencies, and the community. The MCCoE provides security services through its staff and student interns. By providing a rich and interactive learning environment, we build the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, connect the right people to the right careers, and close the gap in demand for these professionals in the State of Missouri regional workplace. 


How We Can Invest in Our Future

By capitalizing on Missouri and Springfield’s unique strengths in this expanding and future-oriented field, MCCoE aims to grow the regional economy by:

  • ·Accelerate Innovation 
  • Provide Cybersecurity Services to the Community 
  • Provide Education, Certification and Hands-on Career Training
  • Workforce Development
  • Attract and nurture talented individuals to grow in the cybersecurity workforce
  • Create new opportunities for businesses
  • Foster cooperation through the established cyber community

While founded by a collection of private and public world-class cyber companies and academia with operations in Springfield, Missouri, MCCoE is open to any organization with a stake in our regional cyber economy.   


Our Growing Cyber World

The United States, the State of Missouri, and the Greater Springfield Region relies heavily on the Internet and the systems and data of cyberspace for a wide range of critical services. This reliance leaves all of us – individuals, militaries, businesses, schools, and governments – vulnerable in the face of a real and dangerous cyber threat. As we have seen, today state and non-state actors plan to conduct disruptive and destructive cyber attacks on the networks of our critical infrastructure and steal U.S. intellectual property to undercut our technological and military advantage. 

It is our work at MCCoE to help train the right people and get them in the right positions to protect our partner members from cyber threat and vulnerability. 

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Why We Do This

As a nation there is a growing concern over the lack of technically trained individuals in the Cybersecurity field to fill an ever growing gap of supply and demand. We strive to fill that gap by preparing individuals to have the knowledge and skills necessary, so they can go into the workforce and provide the cybersecurity protection that is needed.
By doing this, we are increasing employment, education and security for all of our partners, and therefore filling a need on the community, regional, state and national levels as well.